28 September 2010

Newbie parents should go for parenting classes

What is wrong with mothers nowadays. Don't they know the basic of parenting?

Couples who want to get married have to attend a short course, i think new parents also have to attend courses and get certified that they are fully trained to have and able to care for a child. Anyone can get pregnant and have a baby but can anyone be a good mother?

I read news today, a father physically abused his children and wife. 

Taken from Metro Harian

Menurut suri rumah berkenaan, dalam kejadian kira-kira jam 10 malam itu, suaminya yang bagaikan dirasuk syaitan membelasah anak perempuannya itu hampir 20 minit.
“Walaupun saya cuba menenangkan suami, dia tidak mengendahkannya sebaliknya mengugut untuk mencederakan seluruh keluarga.

“Saya hanya menangis melihat kekejaman suami membelasah anak seperti binatang,” katanya ketika ditemui di rumahnya, di sini, semalam.

Menurutnya, anaknya itu dihantar ke Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL), di sini, sebelum tangannya yang patah dirawat dan dibenarkan pulang ke rumah

Katanya, kejadian itu bukan kali pertama berlaku terhadap anak-anaknya sebaliknya mereka sekeluarga bagaikan hidup dalam ‘neraka’ sejak tujuh tahun lalu.

Not the 1st time? It has been going on for 7 years! I'm sorry i have to be harsh, as a mother she should not have waited until 7 years. 7 years she has watched her own children beaten like kucing kurap by her own husband. I asked you now can you watch your kids get beaten like that once or twice? maybe she can forgive her husband for beating her but who is she to forgive her husband for beating her kids. She has a duty as a mother to protect his children, protect them from danger. The abuser i.e the father is definitely WRONG and should be punished severely.

Beliau berkata, suaminya yang dikahwini sejak 20 tahun lalu, sebelum ini seorang yang sopan dan mula berubah perwatakan sejak tujuh tahun lalu.

Women, wife and mother should go for empowerment class. Woman should learn the first time a man lays his hand on her, be prepared it won't be the last. They also should learn that if the abuse continues for several months, be prepared it will only get worst. Please do something, go to a safe house to seek for help and protection.

Remember Siti Nurhanim Aziz, her child Syafiah Humaira was beaten to death by her boyfriend. She should be charged for failing to protect her child from the abuse. In one case in US, a mother was charged  with injury to a child by omission, which led to her child's death. Similar case. Therefore, she should be charged! she as a mother failed to protect her own child from her boyfriend. Furthermore she is delusional for still believing that her boyfriend is innocent and still in love with her child's murderer!

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