28 September 2010

Never break a promise to a child

Its his 3rd birthday. 

He asked for a Ben10 birthday cake.

I made a promise to him.

I bought him a Ben10 birthday cake, just like he asked for. 
Promised fulfilled.

He knew its his birthday today...

He has been asking for his cake since few days ago. I told him to wait for his birthday.

He waited. He kept saying  " mommy, sing beday to you, then blow phuuuffh"

He waited impatiently for his birthday cake when i told him to wait for his dad to come home from work.

He was excited to get 10 helium balloons green and white colour just like Ben10 but still he could not get his birthday cake.

He slept. He didn't get his birthday cake.

Heart broken. I'm sorry.

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